Denim Dining

Looking for a casual, intimate activity that combines the best of Supper Club and Fine Dining? Introducing Newcomer’s newest monthly activity-denim dining.

This activity will be a themed potluck limited to 8 participants that will take place in a newcomer host’s home. Hosts and participants will change monthly. Hosts will be responsible for picking a theme (the sky is the limit), coordinating dishes to be prepared by participants, preparing a dish, and providing dinnerware. Participants get to choose the course they will bring within the theme. All participants are encouraged to bring a beverage of choice to go with their dish.

Denim Dining themes are subject to the host’s imagination and may include but are not limited to an International or Regional cuisine; type of meal (brunch); or celebration of a tradition, holiday or time of year (Mardi Gras, Christmas, Spring).

Check the monthly Newsletter for current information or email to learn more about this activity.