Newcomers' Club of Greater Park City

Finding Your Niche In Our Mountain Community ------ Making Friends...Having Fun...Creating Memories...

Membership News

Meet any new people to the area? You can spot them because they look frightened, lost and unloved. They wear parkas in June. They talk with funny accents. They think El Chubasco is a high-calorie hot sauce. But unless they are escaping felons, gypsies, itinerant vagabonds or just plain nutcases, invite them to our monthly Membership Coffee! We want to meet them! Contact the Membership Chairperson and she’ll send out a copy of our newsletter and a membership form.

Time to renew? Please Contact the Membership Chairperson or complete the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

Didn't get a newsletter? Do not become violent. Simply Notify Membership and the chairperson will send you one!

Address or contact information change? Email Information to the membership chairperson. 







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