Newcomers' Club of Greater Park City

Finding Your Niche In Our Mountain Community ------ Making Friends...Having Fun...Creating Memories...


The Newcomers' Club of Greater Park City was established in 1995 to help new residents of Summit & Wasatch County adjust to their new community.  Many of the “newcomers” back then are still members of Newcomers’ today because the Club is such fun and offers so many opportunities to get out and about with friends.  This is not some stuffy, boring, card-carryin’ group of folks who think they’re better than the rest of the world because they live in Park City.  Oh no.  Instead, we are fun animals who KNOW we are better than the rest of the world because we live in Park City.

As a non-profit social club, Newcomers' promotes friendships and shared interests in the local area.  Our members include both full-time and part-time residents who wish to be active and involved and get to know their neighbors, regardless of how long they’ve lived here and regardless of how wackball their neighbors might be.  We’re an eclectic, interesting and sometimes zany group of locals who enjoy many activities in and around Park City, Salt Lake City, Heber, Midway and beyond, including group tickets (and rates!) to special performing arts, concerts, sporting events and restaurants.  Each month, you can choose from a variety of daytime and evening events that represent the activities, sports, hobbies and occasionally weird pastimes enjoyed by people of all ages.  If Cruiser Biking in the summer (downhill rides only), weekly bowling or ballroom dancing interests you, we have you covered.  If it takes classes on Egyptian hieroglyphics, naked rock climbing or harpsichord tuning to make your bunny jump, we’ll see what we can do to start up an interest group.  We send out a monthly newsletter to keep you posted.

No member of The Newcomers’ Club has yet figured out the grammatically correct placement of the apostrophe in the word “newcomers.”  That remains one of life’s mysteries. 

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